Water Tunnel No. 3 Progress Update

1. A revision of our pitch can be found here

2. Geospatial representations:
(Previous representations and data:)

3. Outline of future representations:
Based on our research on the continuing fluctuation of budget and end dates in this project, we plan to create a prediction about future fluctuations. (This will also show that the longer it takes to build, the more expensive it will be.) This representation might come in the form of graphs of our calculations, but will also be spatially represented similarly to how we have started representing budget over time on our maps so far.

We also plan to create a spatial analysis of where shaft sites might best be placed in the last, unplanned section of Water Tunnel (north to The Bronx). This map will incorporate information such as population density (how many shafts are needed), demographic data and superfund sites (who is served by the shafts, but also what neighborhoods are being imposed on with large infrastructure, that have perhaps been hurt by this kind of construction in the past), land ownership and land use (the shafts ideally will be in government-owned land zoned for industrial use), and of course lateral distance from the tunnel (though we only have a schematic notion of where that will be).

In a more speculative vein, we may also consider alternatives to the tunnel entirely. Visualizing ways of diversifying water sources could be another more sustainable alternative, given how long and expensive this project has been.

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