Garbage Update

Nina: I was looking at the contracting process in the carting industry. I looked into regulations governing the hiring of carting companies and the germs that their contacts entail, overseen by the Business Integrity Commission. In doing this research, the most major discovery I made was that, as of this February, the BIC has required private carters to record their routes for 2 weeks in March. If we can gain access, this will be very valuable information for our maps.

Shuting: I am looking at the Cost of Waste Export part.
The interesting thing is DSNY has been implementing changes outlined in its 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). The changes underway also include replacing the city’s short-term waste export contracts for trucking waste out of the city with long-term contracts that provide for waste transfer primarily by rail or barge. Beacuse short-term contracts tend to have greater price volatility, the city sought to replace its short-term contracts with long-term ones that move waste farther from the city in order to guarantee landfill space and provide more stable and predictable costs.

While the long-term waste export contracts were initially expected to produce savings, it has become apparent that the long-term contracts are actually more expensive on a per ton basis than short-term contracts. y. The average cost per ton for long-term contracts has increased from $63.39 in 2007 to $129.81 in 2016.1 Meanwhile, the cost of short-term waste export has declined slightly, from $86.55 per ton in 2007 to $84.96 per ton in 2016

Over the next few years, however, as the remaining stations begin to operate, the city’s per-ton waste export costs will likely continue to be higher than the existing short-term contracts they replace.

Kurt: I have been researching campaign contributions from companies in the Waste Management Industry to City Council Member Daneek Miller of Queens. I am particularly looking at the location of the individuals who made these donations and their geographic proximity to Miller's District. This is of interest because Miller changed his position on 495-C in December 2017 and all of these donations were made to his reelection campaign all on Sept. 19th 2017.

Luiza: Throughout this week one of the subjects researched among the group was fiscal information, or any financial information regarding not only the Department of Sanitation but possibly private companies. We were able to find budget reports from the DSNY from 2017 and 2018, but not so lucky with the private haulers, the only information we have is a brief description of the facilities in which they operate, but no monetary information.




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