Riker's Decided

The way in which we approached the interview process for this research was to start with the largest potential facilitator of change in the criminal justice design system and work our way down to the most granular agent of change, the local resident. At every scale of the process, stakeholders are focused on different facets of what will make these facilities work as a system but also while being integrated into existing communities that may already be thriving. The way we see it, there are two ways of using the proposed jail locations to the advantage of the city’s development:

  1. Redesigning Rikers as a centralized, efficient system. This would require the island to be able to facilitate the components of justice properly. The implementation of a cross town train line whose last stop would be Rikers and the addition of a courthouse directly on the island could solve the larger issues of connectivity to the city and speed of inmate processing.

  2. As a form of real estate mitigation and anti-gentrification. These jails could be used as a means of control the mean real estate values in ares where it is currently too high. This would take advantage of the stigma associated with creating a new detention center in a neighborhood and would more likely keep people of a certain tax bracket from moving into these neighborhoods.


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