Site visit, Penn Station

I noticed new signage and graphics in areas of the station perhaps with a more targeted approach to way-finding given the the sometimes disorientating experience of going below ground to enter Penn Station while staring at Madison Square Garden resting on top of the site. I also came across a newly renovated area with a cluster of restaurants.
I also photographed the transition between the Amtrak waiting area (below) and the entrance to Madison Square Garden (above) because I wanted to visualize first hand Vishaan Chakrabarti’s vision for a repurposed Penn Station.
Lastly, I wanted to shared the photo (below) that illustrates the tight clearance height from the top of my head to the base of a Penn Station ceiling. It feels claustrophobic when passing through the low ceilings of the station. One effect that I noticed is my walking pace quickened perhaps as an effect of feeling the pinch of the ceiling becoming lower and lower. As I walked faster and faster get out from under a such ceiling, I was reminded of the famous Vincent Scully quote comparing the old Penn Station and the current station, “one entered the city like a god. One scuttled in now like a rat.”

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