2.28 I went to the 59marine transfer station, Manhhatan.

Pier 99 at 59th Street currently serves as a marine transfer station that handles recyclable paper for the New York City Department of Sanitation.

The station is not open at that time when I went there, so I only can walk around the site.The interesting thing is this station located at 59th cloes to the columbus circle, So the way to this station is clean and surrounded by luxury building, until you go across the highway and see the real site.









This is not a normal garbage marine transfer station as I think before. The surrounding area is fine and because it is not the work time so it is quiet and clean.

This site also located at the hudson river park, so the stronger feeling is the picture of the continueing people running and walking across the fornt of the site.

It is a strong comparation between this two functions in this site.

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