Site - Marine Transfer/ Solid Waste Trucks

From my initial speculation and reported objections to the Marine Transfer Stations I expected that they would be noisy and smelly disrupting the nearby community. Similarly when I thought of trash trucks I thought them all as inordinately noisy, with their operators caring little for the pedestrians or residents in the neighborhoods where they were picking up trash. However, what I have noticed more and more is that there seems to be a disparity between the behaviour of the DSNY collectors and the private collectors. I’m not sure if I am reading into my research and creating this observation, but there seems to be an operational distinction between the two. The private carters that I have been observing, especially the one that have been contracted to pick up the compacted waste from Columbia seems to be completely unconcerned with anything other than picking up the trash they have been contracted to pick up as quickly as possible. Whereas the DSNY collectors are seemed to be unobtrusive. Similarly when looking at the locations of the Marine Transfer Stations they seem to be so far removed from residential communities and their compacting so self contained that there is little disruption. That said I wonder how things would change once the Marine Transfer Stations are fully operational and once there are private haulers are queuing to use the Marine Transfer Stations. From talking to my group members I also wonder how busy the stations are early in the morning/ late at night when the DSNY are dumping the trash at the stations.

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