Session 9: Progress Update

For session 9, we will continue our work in ArcGIS. The focus of session 9 will be performing multi-criteria evaluation and decision analysis. If you did not attend Session 8, please find time to work through the tutorial on Spatial Statistics, found on the tutorial section of the site.

For the remainder of the semester, a significant portion of your job will be to translate spatial relationships and processes you've identified at your site(s) into legible and compelling geospatial representations. This will be evident in the remaining assignments for the course.


Please read the following two pieces:

  1. Mannahatta - Eric Sanderson and Marianne Brown
  2. The Columbus Landfall Problem - John Parker

Please write an individual response to one of the two articles, relating it to an issue you've identified in your site.


For the next class (March 30), we would like to see major progress in your geospatial narratives. By midnight on Thursday, March 29, please produce and post the following to the blog:

  1. A revision of your pitch. This should take the format of the Session 7 assignment, and should largely be based upon directions provided by your research, as well as conversations with your editor.
  2. New geospatial representations (Minimum 2), which should indicate an evolution of your research and narrative development. You have two weeks to work to produce these graphics, so please make sure these are thoughtful and fitting to your narrative.
  3. A outline of future representations -- please think through what a more comprehensive visual narrative might be, and outline the numerous representations that you'd like to create to include in your final project.
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