Session 7: Site Observation-Cooper Union Archive and 120th St

New York city's Water Tunnel No.3 do not open too much information to the public. Most of the document are done by scholar for research on water system, the book we found at Cooper Union written by professor Kevin Bone is one of the most comprehensive research through the lense of history and construction document. The book was written chronologically, from the time when water tunnel No.1 was constructed to the future development of NYC's water infrastructure.

Water is the essential element of life, these infrastructures were built to maintain the water accessibility for the citizen of New York. The reason why building Water Tunnel No.3 is so essential to the city is because Water tunnel No.1 and No.2 were expired for many years. It is dangerous to keep the outdated infrastructure using without building another one. That is why Water Tunnel No.3 design valve chambers and shafts in a more practical way in order to maintain in ease.

When we see through the history document of these water infrastructure development, at the same time, the story of sandhogs were introduced in professor Kevin Bone's "Water Works". The glory of their legacy were told through expert's eye. Even though the public have small awareness of this invisible infrastructure, they are actually proud if what they did.




120th Amsterdam maintenance traces

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