Session 8: Progress Update (and GIS Intro)

For session 8, we will begin our work in ArcGIS. The focus of session 8 will be performing multi-criteria evaluation and decision.


Because session 8 lacks an introduction to ArcGIS, we're asking that you take time to walk through two introductory tutorials online prior to next Friday's course (3/9). This is not mandatory, as many of you have prior GIS experience. But if you don't feel comfortable working in ArcGIS, please complete the two tutorials listed below (~2 hours max). You do not need to post the product of these sessions to the blog.

Tutorial 1 - Basic Intro to ArcGIS
Tutorial 2 - Analyzing Data


As a group, we'd like you to post an update of your progress from the last week, preferably in response to new interviews, data collection/analysis, your conversation with your editor, etc.

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