Rikers Island

Riker's island is located within census tract 1 of the Bronx - in fact it is the only piece of land within that tract therefore all information about this tract pertains directly to the inmates at the facility. This bar graph is an analysis of the population of Riker's as it pertains to potential effects on the representation or funding on a borough scale. The yellow bars address the breakdown comparison of the race of inmates on Riker's Island. That information is then compared to the racial breakdown of the borough of the bronx (in red) and lastly to that of NYC (all 5 boroughs in blue). We can start to see the relationship of who is being incarcerated here from NYC and that certain populations are way higher than others and the inverse relationship of population and incarceration rates, however, this does not address the origins of these inmates. We can also see that the inmates are in fact being counted as a part of the residences of The Bronx by the extremely high percentages of the black and white population being located in census tract 1.


The following two charts represent data found for New York City jails' population. As observed by previous research, Most of the inmates in city's jails are waiting for trial or do not have money for Bail. It is a shocking number when the data is seen in a chart. It represents the inefficiency of the correction system in New York city. That data can also be compared to the types of crimes that the inmates have commited.



Interviews could potentially be conducted between us and Cameron Rasmussen and Janos Marton or Erin George, members of the Center for Justice and JustLeadershipUSA. Another potential interviewee could be Eric Foner, History professor at Columbia University who wrote about the island.

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