Flippen's approach to data analysis in the article about ease of living in certain counties in the USA leads to an obviously ill-informed conclusion as it relates to the interpretation of this data. Although the data extracted and analyzed all seem legitimate, the application of it seems to have no relation to the lifestyles associated with said counties. The study does not truly account for the urban center vs rural city life as quality of life can and probably will differ tremendously when comparing the cost of living, median household income or if there is even a need for a degree when referencing data about unemployment in the south and the east/west coasts.

My first instinct is that there is motive behind the sharing of this data in this specific manner. What struck me upon first sight was how closely it resembled a map of election results in which the counties depicted in Flippen's map as orange are associated with more conservative states - seemingly giving nod to the idea that moving to a liberal city may just result in a better quality of life. Perhaps the collected data should have been equalized by information that accurately depicts the cost of living in these areas.

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