Our site being Riker's Island proved difficult to gain access to for site analysis. As an extension of the criminal justice system at large, we feel that local police precincts act as the dispersed parts of Riker's.

My site visit took place at the intersection of 146th st and 8th Avenue where the local police station is situated. During my last 15 minutes of observation I created this sketch as a form of data collection that when multiplied by 4 could give an approximation for the hour. My very first observations were that cars were used to block the crosswalks that were next to the precinct, possibly as a form of traffic control. The observation happened from 12-1pm so there was high volume on the streets. In the sketch, the precinct is identified as the shaded rectangle with a star in the middle, across from where I was standing. All parking spots were filled and as a attempt to identify police presence on the streets I wanted to mark all police vehicles as black rectangles on the map. I then mapped on what side of the street people were walking and in which direction they were walking.Interestingly enough, the volume on the side of the street farthest from the precinct was much more used to walking 3 times over. I found that there may be a correlation between the spacial setup and the pedestrian use of the space. In addition, I was able to witness one apprehended person being brought into the facility.


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