1. Do you consider your neighborhood safe?
  2. Do you know about the Mayor's plans to close down Riker's Island? Do you support this plan?
  3. Are you aware that this neighborhood is one of the sites proposed for a location of a jail?
  4. Do you think a jail should be placed in this area? How might it change the area?

Interview 1 // Nicole

  • Neighborhood is safe
  • Does not support the closing of Riker's
  • Neighborhood is not a good site for another jail
  • "I wouldn't be living here if I didn't feel it was safe" (in regards to jail already existing in neighborhood)
  • "Living space is already limited in this part of the city and there is no room to expand"

Interview 2 // Fran

  • Neighborhood is safe
  • "Wait Whaaaaat!? There's already a jail here? I pass that building all the time"
  • "I think it's fine though, once I did see a prisoner wandering around which spooked me slightly."
  • I lived across from the Queens Courthouse for a bit and it was fine... it does kill retail a bit though."
  • "It's probably better for anti-gentrification!"
  • "It's not too bad once you remove the stigma"

Interview 3 // Jay

  • "Yes, I consider my neighborhood safe"
  • "Yes, I support the closing of Rikers Island if the city and state have a rigorous plan to bring the number of inmates down before it redistributes them to other facilities.
  • "There are jails all over the city. Being so close to City Hall, the federal jail, and courts in Lower Manhattan, I've never considered the neighborhood to be unsafe. In fact, it's interesting to think about how that type of presence - we can call it "police presence" - or just the proximity to the criminal justice system kind of reinforces a sense of safety. I'm particularly thinking about late night walks home, even with no one in the street, having that institution looming over, while implicitly scary considering I'm a person of color and those spaces are made to pull us in, the walls home still felt safe."
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