Observations: 91st Marine Transfer Station

The East 91st Marine Transfer Station is the most publicly ostracized MTS, so it was very important that one of our group members went to visit it. The visit happened in the middle of the afternoon in between 2:00 and 3:00pm. First impressions were that it was very hard to access the MTS due to the FDR Drive cutting through the residential towers and the station. To make matters worse, the still ongoing construction of the site resulted in the construction of temporary walls that close the pedestrian sidewalk that follows along the river, so everyone has to walk back until 96th st because its the only place with crossing access. Upon walkng around, I tried to make conversation with people walking around or inside the buildings and strangely, most of the comments were of indifference towards the station, maybe its because it hasn't opened yet. But the real establishment that got most impacted is the Asphalt Green Center, where the access ramp to the station literaly cuts through the facility, with builing on one side and fields on the other. I was not able to get any information from anyone there, but it was quite busy, with parents and children going in and out. It seems bizarre that a ramp for truck access is placed next to a place full of children circulating constantly, however, it was already a problematic site before, because the FDR Drive is just as dangerous, if not more than the truck ramp. So, in reality, it is just one more problem added to their neighborhood, among others.

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