NY Penn Station

New York Penn Station, one of the busiest and most overcrowded train stations in America, is at the center of significant urban infrastructural issues and complex social dynamics. Given its geographic location underneath Madison Square Garden, improvements to and expansion of the station have proved challenging, as has regular infrastructural maintenance, which is further burdened by increasing use and demand (particularly among commuters from Long Island and New Jersey into and out of Manhattan).

Through visual representation, our group seeks to address issues such as overcrowding, narrow and confusing pedestrian connection routes and absence of natural light, and provide both a spatial analysis and conclusion that includes an alternative proposal that is both solutions oriented and sensitive to prior investigative studies.

Additionally, we aim to provide an overview of the numerous entities involved, including federal and state government, including the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, coupled with private development agencies like Vornado Realty Trust and Madison Square Garden and a private contractor (AECOM), our group seeks to map and in turn unpack the complexities at play at Penn Station in order to enlighten readers and provide a nuanced spatial analysis that sheds light on the multifaceted dynamics in and around Penn Station.






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