(Critical Notation)

The entry “An Ecological First Look at the Manhatten Landscape Prior to Henry Hudson” becomes of particular interest in reference to Penn Station when considering it’s techniques to reconstruct the past condition of the site. In both these cases the present day site is no longer recognizable in comparison to a probably more desirable past. The Manhatten Project’s goal is to reconstruct the island prior to 1609, using found sources such as maps. For this to be successful it must be done with a critical eye, free of bias.
The entry brings about questions of source and representation. Who has created the source being reference? What biases might they have? How will this impact your impression of a site?
The British Headquarters Map is very thorough, but super imposes definitions and ideas that may not have been a part of the Native American culture, those who lightly occupied the land prior to 1609. This gets into how cultures relate to earth's surface and how determined they are to colonize the land with their own superimposed notions of what it is meant to be, or rather working with it. Dilip da Cunha work recognizes the possible biases and the superimposition of boundaries on a site in attempts to understand it.
When looking at Penn Station, we must take care when analyzing the maps of the station and its history. Currently there is a lot of press surrounding MSG and Penn Station, many want to see MSG gone and the station in a light which is reminiscent of the McKim, Mead and White building it once was. There is a whole history as to why it was built, why it was torn down, and why it is the way it is now. In representing the site it is important to not repeat issues of oversimplification to in attempts to understand the complex histories and problems associated with the site. Superimposed borders or diagrams will not increase our understanding but instead limit it. This means we need to think outside the box when considering how we represent sites like Penn Station and find a notational language that is true and site specific.

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