COSGROVE + CORNER // Reading Responses

I really enjoyed the ways in which Cosgrove was able to categroize the methods of mapping one may unknowingly do all at once. With each layer of information added, however, we as designers, statisticians and journalists should be aware of the subjectivity each layer of information applied may have. Creating cartographic documents, as we know, can be quite a powerful tool to tell a story and for this reason I believe that we have a moral obligation to the narratives we portray.

In Corner's passage, the section that spoke to me was the distinguishing between a tracing and a map - where one is the act of discovering through an analysis of some existing fabric, [a founding] and the other the act of overlaying already known information [a finding] in a way where nothing is revealed from the synthesis. As it pertains to the agency of maps, it is up to the maker of that map to understand the inherant nature of the finished product to possess "double sides". The fact that a map is always going to be a distortion or abstraction of the actual conditions there is opportunity to map in tandem with geographic qualities the quantatative and non-spatial elements associated to really come to a discovery of value.

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